SilverStone’s Latest Power Supply Can Drive Two RTX 3090s at the Same Time

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The RTX 3090 is the only GPU that now supports Nvidia’s NVLink/SLI engineering, and there are likely some customers of these cards that would appreciate to use them in tandem. Getting a energy offer capable of driving two distinct GPUs with a 350W TDP, nonetheless, is a thing of a tall purchase. Silverstone has one particular, nonetheless: Satisfy the DA1650.

Explain to us about the DA1650, Bob!

The DA1650 is an 80As well as Gold Ability Supply with industrial design and style traces and a classy, matte black finish. It is thoroughly modular, enabling any cable to be changed, and it makes use of a 135mm FBA supporter. Working sound is reportedly below 36dBA.

Many thanks, Bob. [Talking to ourselves again, Joel? -Ed.]

Amusingly, the DA1650 is outlined as possessing a energy density of 711W for every liter. The DA1650 is consequently a 2.3L energy offer. Do with this what you will.

This unit offers a one rail, which is a design and style trait I’ve constantly liked. There’s no likelihood of destabilizing or outright frying a GPU by hooking it to rails that couldn’t provide enough voltage. (I have witnessed this happen to a colleague of mine).

The unit carries a 5-12 months guarantee, and is pretty highly-priced, at $330. If you are the form of individual who certainly wants this energy offer, nonetheless, you are likely accomplishing adequate severe do the job in computing that a price tag tag like that will not phase you. Avid gamers usually do not have to get worried about this kind of issue there’s no evidence we’ll need to have 1kW energy materials for gaming any time quickly.

When it will come to getting significant energy materials, it’s constantly clever to pay back focus to the precise manufacturer specifications. It is doable for a 1kW energy offer to be absolutely “1kW”, but to have a excellent lots of 12V rails — so lots of, that the highest amperage just about every rail can produce is somewhat small compared with the complete amount of money of amperage offered throughout the card.

With one particular one, monstrous rail, this PSU will not have that problem. We’re not confident why any individual wants two RTX 3090s, but if you need to have ’em, this energy offer unit can surely push them. As for energy performance scores, there are two ways to imagine about this concern. This PSU is Gold rated, which indicates it guarantees a highest of 87 p.c performance at 20 p.c load, 90 p.c at 50 p.c load, and 87 p.c at 100 p.c load. Step up from that to Titanium, and you get 92 p.c performance at 20 p.c load, 94 p.c at 50 p.c load, and 90 p.c at total load. The Titanium is higher than the Gold unit by concerning 3-5 p.c.

We take a look at how a great deal these differences make any difference in the “Is it Really worth Investing in a High-Efficiency Ability Supply?” Quick remedy: Surely perhaps. Hat-tip to our sister web-site, PCMag, for spotting this tale.

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