Microsoft’s Cheaper Next-Gen Xbox Series S Console Confirmed

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To date, all of Microsoft’s communications pertaining to impending consoles have focused on a person item — the Xbox Series X. Normally, a “Series” consists of additional than a person item, but Microsoft has continuously communicated that the XSX is what there is. We now know that is mistaken — courtesy of Microsoft’s individual packaging.

Twitter user Zak S located a white Xbox controller for sale on OfferUp and purchased it. The typical Xbox Series controller is black — this has now been illustrated — and the box for this new controller clearly states that it is compatible with the two the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S.

It’s hard to see the creating on the box, so I ran the photograph by Topaz Gigapixel AI and then cropped it down:

The way the label is published leaves no doubt that the Xbox Series X and S are the two regarded as section of a person household, although the Xbox A single is shown separately. It’s not obvious why Microsoft insists on contacting the two sets of hardware household a “series,” due to the fact we have no word on any potential hardware upgrades. It’s like possessing two separate item “families” with just a person item just about every.

A single rationale Microsoft may well have held its silence on the Xbox Series S is that it is seeking to determine out how greatest to situation the console against Sony. We know Sony originally experienced fears about pricing before it made a decision to improve creation. We know that the Xbox Series X, on paper, appears substantially faster than the PS5. This really should translate into an advantage over that system, but I never want to speculate on how substantial it’ll be — far too several transferring elements, and we literally have no information on sport scaling among the two. The a person price tag we know is the Xbox A single S, now on the market place at $300 and evidently retained into the up coming generation of hardware.

Picture a world exactly where Microsoft sets the price of the Xbox Series X at $600, drops the Xbox Series S in at $400, and cuts the Xbox A single S down to $200-$250. Sony is launching two PS5’s, but the only acknowledged big difference is the absence of a Blu-ray drive, so let’s assume a quite slim price break up of no additional than $100 among them.

Xbox A single S: $200 – $250
Xbox Series S: $400
PS5 Digital: $500
PS5 Conventional: $600
Xbox Series X: $600 – $700.

Microsoft is effectively-positioned in this stack. The XBone and the XSS are the two more affordable than the PS5, but the efficiency leap from XO to Xbox Series S is likely to be sizeable — perhaps even linear with regard to price. The PS5’s are additional powerful than the XSS but also charge additional, and the Xbox Series X crowns the stack, in halo positioning. Here’s what Microsoft does not want to occur:

Xbox A single: $200 – $250
PS5 Digital: $500
Xbox Series S: $500
PS5 Conventional: $600
Xbox Series X: $600 – $700

In this model, the Xbox A single is even now anchoring the bottom of the item stack in a special situation, but the Xbox Series S is likely head-to-head with the additional powerful PS5. Sony decisively gained the latest console generation, probable leaving Microsoft no doubt what will occur in a hypothetical rematch. The place of creating two distinctly unique console SKUs is to bracket the competition. In the to start with stack, avid gamers can get vastly much better than Xbox A single or PS4 perf for fewer money than the Xbox A single X or PS4 Professional charge when new. In the next stack, the PS5 offers additional efficiency at the similar price place.

There’s no signal that the Xbox A single X impacted which consoles individuals were being additional intrigued in buying. Sony consumers appear to have stuck with that ecosystem, although Xbox avid gamers purchased the XOX. Proudly owning the top rated of the stack at launch may well aid earn avid gamers at launch, but clearly using over that situation halfway by the previous cycle was not enough to meaningfully modify the ratio of Xbox as opposed to PS4 gross sales. Microsoft appears to have designed an SoC that has a fair chance of giving them efficiency dominance, but figuring out how to bring the midrange solution to market place is trickier. This may well be section of why it is finding so shut to launch and we even now never have any price information and facts. Sony and Microsoft may well be actively playing a sport of hen, just about every hoping the other will announce to start with.

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