Avery Brooks Rumored to Return as Benjamin Sisko in Future Star Trek Role

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Ever due to the fact Star Trek: Picard hit the airwaves 20 yrs in the past, in January 2020, men and women have puzzled irrespective of whether other Star Trek icons will return to the smaller display. Brent Spiner, Jeri Ryan, Jonathan Del Arco, Jonathan Frakes, and Marina Sirtis all reprised their roles in Season 1, although Whoopi Goldberg will return to the purpose of Guinan in Season 2. Stewart has stated he hopes to inevitably see the complete cast of TNG on the clearly show.

This, naturally, raised a problem of its have: What about people from other franchises? There’s unfortunately no chance of an overall look from both René Auberjonois’ Odo or Aron Eisenberg’s Nog, due to the fact equally men have handed away, but the vast the vast majority of the cast of all 3 displays is however alive — like Avery Brooks, who performed Captain Sisko on Star Trek: Deep Room Nine. Now, there is information that Avery Brooks may return to the purpose, both as a cameo on a distinct Star Trek sequence (just about unquestionably Picard), or in a clearly show of his have. As standard audience know, I’ve been performing to remaster Deep Room Nine for the previous 10 months, so I took a lot more than a passing curiosity in the information. The screenshot earlier mentioned, posted as our attribute impression, is from my have upscaling operate on “Way of the Warrior”, the premiere episode of Season 4.

It would be particularly attention-grabbing to discover out what took place to Sisko, thinking of he’s obtained a special plot arc. Specially: He’s the only key character of a Star Trek franchise who straight-up vanishes in the sequence finale, with no term on what took place to him afterward. Even though his destiny was explored in many non-canon publications, Paramount has under no circumstances launched a canonical clarification for what happens to Sisko just after his confrontation with the Pah Wraiths in the Fire Caves of Bajor. Even though he of course wasn’t literally absent from the universe at the close of the clearly show, it wasn’t distinct if he was technically alive, both. It wasn’t the initially time Star Trek has performed with existence at the edge of mortality — Q at the time took Picard on a journey by an alternate route his lifestyle may have taken — but Sisko’s destiny was left ambiguous.

Emissary to the Mothers and fathers

Star Trek under no circumstances fulfilled a aspect of the human situation it did not want to investigate, and the marriage concerning moms and dads and their youngsters was explored as early as “Journey to Babel” in the authentic TOS. Even though many people ended up revealed as moms and dads, like Kirk (David), Worf (Alexander), Dr. Crusher (Wesley), O’Brien (Molly, Kirayoshi), and Rom (Nog), Deep Room Nine invests considerably a lot more strength in portraying Sisko especially as a father than any other character in any Star Trek clearly show.

Avery Brooks and Cirroc Lofton (Benjamin Sisko and Jake Sisko, respectively).

The only Tv clearly show to even appear shut is the not long ago-launched Star Trek: Decrease Decks, which depicts the grownup marriage concerning Captain Carol Freeman and her everlasting ensign / ne’er-do-effectively daughter, Beckett Mariner. The marriage concerning Mariner and Freeman is, shall we say, somewhat a lot more fraught than the marriage concerning Jake and his father.

Captain of the Cerritos, Carol Freeman, and her daughter, Beckett Mariner

Observing the clearly show when it aired, I did not spend significantly awareness to the father/son interactions of the clearly show. Observing it as an grownup, Sisko’s endurance and encouragement of Jake to follow his have route — and the way the clearly show explores the powerful bond concerning them — resonates a lot more. Each individual Starfleet captain once in a while acts in a fatherly purpose to many crewmembers, but Sisko is the only captain we at any time obtained to see as a father to a boy in the process of expanding up — Kirk did not know he had a son until David was a complete-grown grownup, Picard famously dislikes youngsters, Janeway had a pet dog, and Archer appears childless. Sisko is the only captain to have equally his father and his grandson look on-digital camera. He’s the only Star Trek captain who at any time actually had a relatives, or at the very least one that appeared in a lot more than a one-off episode. All over the clearly show, Sisko encourages Jake to discover his have voice and to follow his have route as considerably as the sort of man he wanted to be. The marriage concerning the two people is advanced and multi-faceted, and it’s explored from equally of their viewpoints at many details all through the clearly show.

If Sisko cameos on Star Trek: Picard, it would be pleasant if the cameo ended up in some way substantial more than enough to deal with the problem of how he solved the predicament he was previous in. If a new clearly show ended up to essentially concentrate on him — and the rumor earlier mentioned says that this may just materialize — it would ideally investigate the marriage he and Jake have as grown ups. I’m not heading to declare that Sisko’s marriage with his son was the central plot of Deep Room Nine — it wasn’t — but it’s a thread I’d however like to see revisited.

I however thrill to see Avery Brooks standing on the bridge of the Defiant, experiencing down Klingons and Jem’Hadar in battle, but I now love the quieter times a lot more, when the clearly show demonstrates the enduring worth of its information. As a young man, I favored Sisko for his willingness to fight. As an more mature one, I value his willingness not to, when it wasn’t needed.

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