Asus Confirms Zen 3 Will Be Supported on X470, B450 Boards

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When we initial talked about Zen 3 some months back, one of the downsides to the chip was the constrained backward compatibility for more mature motherboards. At the time, AMD indicated they would be in a position to support a couple of unique X470 motherboards in the equal of a beta-tests program. That steerage has since altered. Not only is X470 support coming to Zen 3, but AMD is also enabling the CPU on the B450 platform as nicely. Asus has confirmed this, with a unique statement on the subject:

We’ve found the recent forum posts about X470 and other 400 sequence boards not becoming supported by ASUS for 5000 sequence processors from AMD. This is phony facts and incorrect.

To clarify, ASUS will adhere to AMD’s support program to launch a new BIOS on X470, B450 and B450 II motherboards and all these out there in the market place at current will also be suitable with that BIOS update. Beta BIOS support, pursuing AMD suggestions and timelines indicates this will be ready to roll out around Jan 2021.

The statement also notes that all new Asus B450 II motherboards will come with BIOS flashback, allowing you to acquire a new CPU and use that characteristic to load a new UEFI. Asus will update on the update scenario for other boards closer to the expected January 2021 launch date for X470 / Zen 3 support. As always, motherboard vendors will be the kinds who establish which boards they update, but the capability will be there.

We’ve up-to-date AMD’s chipset support graph to replicate this much more recent news.

AMD also has a program that will offer you with a free of charge CPU for flashing your UEFI if you buy a motherboard that lacks support for a Zen 3 / Ryzen 5000-sequence CPU. I’ve never taken gain of it myself, but I personally know another person who has, and the supply labored just as advertised. Though Asus claims it will notify customers which motherboards need to be upgraded with an more mature CPU, any individual scheduling to update an present B450 or X470 motherboard must program to flash the UEFI right before you swap CPUs. Never choose the chance that you won’t have to, specifically if you haven’t up-to-date your UEFI since you developed your program.

Outstanding Backwards Compatibility

The backward compatibility scenario is not fantastic — it would have been even superior to see support for B350 and X370 — but it is pretty, pretty very good. AMD is declaring substantial effectiveness for every watt enhancements while leaving its TDPs unchanged when compared to the very last generation. The X470, in distinct, is heading to be the authentic effectiveness/watt champion listed here, specifically if you aren’t concerned with PCIe 3. as when compared with superior power effectiveness.

It’ll choose a couple of months for support to roll out across the ecosystem, but as soon as it does, this is heading to be excellent news for AMD fans. I recently wrote a story illustrating that Ryzen was the speediest-scaling CPU AMD has released heading back to the 1999 debut of K7. It’s also the speediest-scaling CPU when compared with any Intel product dating back to the Pentium 4’s short frequency surge from 2GHz to 3.06GHz with Hyper-Threading from January-November 2002. With this announcement, the X470 looks to be bidding fair as one of the most upgradeable platforms of all time. The X370 got Zen+, Zen 2, and a bump to 16 cores. The X470 got the exact same 16-core bump, Zen 2, and now Zen 3. AMD’s program to deliver strong upgradeability year-on-year has been an excellent value-include for its consumers, with best-finish effectiveness much more than doubling in the exact same socket many thanks to the blend of extra core counts and IPC.

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