Xbox One Kills Teen After Console Forcefully Ejected Black Ops 3 Disc,...

Xbox One Kills Teen After Console Forcefully Ejected Black Ops 3 Disc, Slicing His Throat



PHOENIX, ARIZONA – Marcus Davenport, 17, was found dead in his bedroom when police were called to the home after his mother discovered his body. According to reports, the Xbox One forcefully ejected a disc, slicing the teens throat.

Marcus Davenport was an avid gamer who was known for his kill streaks on Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Davenport was popular amongst the Xbox community and contributed to gamer blogs and forums such as IGN, Se7enSins, and Kotaku. To some, Marcus was considered to be a guru for games, maintaining his own Youtube Channel, featuring video game reviews, walkthroughs and technical fixes for the Xbox Console. Unfortunately, Davenport was unable to resolve an issue he had with his Xbox One failing to eject discs. Davenport had posted several forum entries seeking help to resolve the random disc eject error after his own attempts at repairing the issue.

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Philip Stevens, a fellow Xbox One gamer who was friends with Davenport stated to authorities that Davenport had a party chat the night before asking if anyone else was having the issue.

“We were invited to a party chat around 10 p.m. by Marcus. He had asked me and a few other guys if we had any issues with our Xbox One randomly ejecting games while playing them. One of the people in the chat had told him they had a similar issue but it resolved on its own once the system updated. Marcus had told us he already updated his Xbox but the issue wasn’t resolve. So we all agreed that he should contact Microsoft,” said Stevens.

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According to authorities, Davenport was killed when his Xbox One malfunctioned, causing the system to eject the Black Ops III disc at a high rate of speed, striking the teen in the throat. His mother had discovered his body around 3 a.m. when she went to check on him.

“My son loved playing his Xbox One. He was a good student in school so I had no problems with him playing the game as much as he wanted. He also has a Youtube channel dedicated to games. He made a decent amount of money from making videos so I thought he was being very productive. I never thought that his game would kill him,” said Ms. Davenport.

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The police and paramedics arrived at the Davenport residence at approximately 3:36 a.m. When emergency units arrived, they confirmed that Marcus Davenport was dead. Authorities had discovered the Call of Duty disc lodged into Davenport’s throat. Davenport had bled out but appeared to have died from asphyxiation according to the paramedics.

Police found a video that Davenport was recording for Youtube right before his death which confirmed the disc had ejected from the Xbox One with enough force to slice Davenport’s throat.

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    This isn’t even April first!

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    Today is Monday, Nov. 16. Sun is brightly shining. The author has fabricated GARBAGE that has deliberately mislead anyone who read this piece! Should be reported as being what it is……F A K E! Shame on other news media who picked-up the story without some checking first! Cut-&-Pasted “journalism!”

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