Woman Kills Chipotle Worker After Refusing To Accept Sex As Payment

Woman Kills Chipotle Worker After Refusing To Accept Sex As Payment



WEST HARTFORD, CT – Marilyn Soto, 23, of Hartford, has been arrested in connection with the murder of a Chipotle employee for refusing to have sex with her for payment.

According to reports, Soto had entered the West Hartford Chipotle at approximately 9:30 p.m. last night. Soto was a frequent customer of the restaurant chain, according to the assistant manager. Soto had ordered her usual Burrito Bowl with chips and salsa on the side. She then proceeded to the cashier to pay for her order. According to the assistant manager, this is when the situation got out of hand.

“I was standing behind Jason, who was handling the register at the time. When the young woman got to the register, she went through her purse to find her money. When she couldn’t find it, she used a debit card to pay for the order. When Jason swiped her card, the card was declined. Ms. Soto had asked him to do it again, so Jason did so ending with the same result. Jason handed Ms. Soto the card back and asked her if she had any other payment method. She first winked at me, so I stepped back a little. She then asked Jason, “What kind of payment would you like papi?” Jason looked at me, smiled and then looked back at Ms. Soto. Jason told her that he was about to get off and had decided to pay for her food since she was a regular customer.”

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According to authorities, after Jason Danzel, had paid for Soto’s order, he had went into the restroom. About 3 minutes after Danzel entered the restroom, Soto followed him. According to the assistant manager, he heard Soto and Danzel talking. The assistant manager watched the register since the restaurant was closing. After about 5 or 6 minutes, the assistant manager locked the front door to prevent other customers from entering. There were 2 customers left in the store completing their orders. The assistant manager was concerned with what was going on so he went to check on Soto and Danzel.

“I knocked on the door to see if everything was okay. I then heard Ms. Soto and Jason arguing over how Ms. Soto was going to pay Jason back for the food. Jason told Ms. Soto not to worry about it, it’s just $14. I then heard Ms. Soto say, “Let me suck you Papi”. I heard Jason refuse and he asked Ms. Soto to leave the restroom. Ms. Soto then offered Jason sex to repay him for the purchase. Jason refused and told Ms. Soto he wasn’t trying to lose his job and he wasn’t going to take advantage of Ms. Soto. Ms. Soto then asked Jason if he was gay for turning her “sexy a**” down. Jason said he respected her and asked her to leave. I went back to the front to check on the other employees and customers. When I got to the front, I heard a loud scream. I ran back to the restroom and opened the door to discover Jason on the floor bleeding with Ms. Soto, naked, on top of him. It looked like she was having sex with him.”

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According to Mike Dansbury, a friend of Danzel, “Jason was a good guy. He always respected people, especially women. He was raised by his mom in a single parent home. He always said that he respected women for how his mother raised him.”

Dansbury further added, “Jason used to talk about this hot Spanish girl that used to come to his job all the time. She used to always give him a seductive look but would never say much to him. He told me he thought she was cute but he wouldn’t approach her because he didn’t want to lose his job flirting with customers. He told me that she had followed him on Instagram last week but he never gave her his page. Maybe she had a crush on him or something. I never thought the should be a psycho chick.”

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According to reports, the assistant manager called 911 to report an incident. The authorities arrived within minutes to assess the situation. When police arrived at the restaurant, they had discovered the body of Jason Danzel in the restroom with Ms. Soto getting dressed. Officer Franco had questioned Ms. Soto while his partner radioed for emergency services.

According to Officer Franco, Soto told him the following, “I don’t have time to play games. I wanted my Chipotle and he paid for it. I wasn’t going to let no man pay for my food so he could throw it in my face later. I offered to give him oral but he didn’t want it. I got mad when he kept telling me so, so I pulled out my knife and stabbed him in his stomach. After he stopped acting like a b*tch, I was able to f*ck him. I didn’t know I hurt him bad, I just wanted him to let me get his d*ck so I didn’t feel like I owed him anything the next time I came here.”

When EMS arrived at the restaurant, they checked Danzel’s vitals and pronounced him dead at the scene. When Ms. Soto heard what happened, she cried but then told the Officers, “I’ll commit sins for Chipotle.”

Ms. Soto was arrested and charged with homicide. Soto is being held without bail.

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