Student Commits Suicide After ITT Tech Closings

Student Commits Suicide After ITT Tech Closings



Sayreville, New Jersey – Monica Hanson, 20, was found dead in her apartment by her mother today. According to authorities, Hanson committed suicide after finding out that ITT Tech shutdown.

Hanson was a friend to many her her town and was known as an avid party-goer with a shinning bright personality. The young woman was found dead in her apartment, by her mother Kara Hanson, at approximately 5 p.m.

After federal sanctions were placed upon the Indiana-based institution, officials from ITT Education Services Inc. announced that all campuses will be closing.

In late August, the U.S. Department of Education barred ITT from enrolling new students who utilize federal financial aid, requiring the institution to notify its current student about possible accreditation issues. ITT was informed that it must increase its reserves from $94.4 million to $247.3 million, or 40% of federal student aid the company received in 2015.

The financial requirements placed on ITT Tech resulted in the decision to shut its doors, leaving thousands of students unsure about their future.

“It is with profound regret that we must report that ITT Educational Services, Inc. will discontinue academic operations at all of its ITT Technical Institutes permanently after approximately 50 years of continuous service,” said a statement from ITT. “With what we believe is a complete disregard by the U.S. Department of Education for due process to the company, hundreds of thousands of current students and alumni and more than 8,000 employees will be negatively affected.

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“The actions of and sanctions from the U.S. Department of Education have forced us to cease operations of the ITT Technical Institutes, and we will not be offering our September quarter. We reached this decision only after having exhausted the exploration of alternatives, including transfer of the schools to a non-profit or public institution.”

Monica Hanson, 20, of Sayreville was known by friends and family as an avid party-goer and outspoken individual. Despite her outgoing personality, Hanson was not one for academia. After finishing her GED, her parents had to force her to further her education. “Moni was never good in school, I hate to admit it,” said Mrs. Hanson. “She partied so hard in high school that it caused her to fail so she had to take her GED. I was happy she did that.”

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Hanson enrolled to ITT Tech at 18 to become a medical assistant. According to friends and family, she felt accomplished about leaving the party life behind to focus on her future. Given her fresh start, her mother purchased a car and got her an apartment to help her in the journey to finish school.

“Monica was excited about graduating from ITT Tech this year, said Joseph Barron. All she would talk about is becoming a professional. I was really proud to see a good friend turn a new leaf.”

Mrs. Hanson arrived at her daughter’s residence around 4:50 p.m. to alert her about the news regarding the campus closing. Unfortunately, Mrs. Hanson arrived a little too late as he discovered what no parent would want to see.

“I called my daughter several times and texted her but she didn’t responded. I assumed she was studying for finals so I thought I would just go over to her place to check on her and talk about the school closing. When I got to her apartment, I used a spare key I have to open the door and that is when I found my baby girl slumped over on the couch with a bottle of pills in her hand. I immediately called 911.”

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According to authorities, when the EMS and police arrived at the scene, Hanson was pronounced dead. Officer Daniels found a handwritten note, assumed to be written by Hanson, which indicated that Hanson committed suicide.

Part of note, which was released by authorities read:

“FML!!! I did all of this school s**t for nothing. I stopped partying, going out with friends, and gave up my exciting life for school. I gave up everything and this is how it ends. I don’t want to go anymore with life if all it will be is disappointments. Sorry mom and dad, I love you guys.”

As of now, authorities are ruling the incident as a suicide pending further investigation.

  • ipatrol

    So in addition to everything else, ITT Tech has now claimed the life of a promising young woman.

    Truly, if this isn’t evil, then I don’t know what evil is.

    • Keri Starkel

      I went to ITT tech for 4 years in north phoenix. I received my associates and Bachelors degrees. I had great adjunct instructors and professors.
      With that said, the academic materials were horrid. We hardly received any hands on training, mostly theory. A student cannot comprehend what they are being taught without action. Itt tech adjunct professors wanted to teach us in a more structural manner but protocol did not allow it.
      Very sad. I feel so bad for the young lady and her parents, that stopped her whole life to attend Itt, only for all her efforts to get thrown down the dumps!!!
      I am definitely looking to get reimbursed for the 3.5-4 years for all of the money I put into time, gas, food (dinner) cause class started at 6p then 6:30p! I also fought breast cancer throughout the whole time I attend school without the faculty granting me anytime to go through 52 rounds of radiation etc…I would attend my class 10 min after my radiation therapy so I wouldn’t flunk out of my classes. Very sad dituation…no compassion just dollar signs!!!
      Thx…vry po’d!

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