New Jersey Woman Dies From Maggot Infested Weave

New Jersey Woman Dies From Maggot Infested Weave



NEWARK, NJ – A Newark woman died from getting a maggot infested weave sewn into her hair. According to authorities, Banks’ died from an infestation of maggots in her head.

Sharonda Banks, 23, of Newark was found dead in her apartment on the 200 block of S. 17th Street. According to reports, Banks had visited Princess Fatima African Hair Braiding salon on Springfield Avenue three days prior to get her hair done. Banks frequently used the hair salon for years without any prior incidents.

Jackie Thompson, a neighbor of Banks, stated “I called Sharonda around 3 p.m. to have her kids come over to play with my kids. She didn’t answer her phone but I saw her car outside. I decided to walk next door to see if she was home. When I got to the front porch, I heard her kids crying. I banged on the door but no one answered. I rung the bell to the 2nd floor neighbor’s house. They came downstairs and opened the front door for me. When I got inside the hallway, it smelled like something had died. That’s when I called the police to see what was going on.”

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Newark Police responded to Banks’ resident to discover her lifeless body in the living room. According to Detective Gonzales, “I found Ms. Banks laying on the sofa in her living room. Her five children were sitting around her crying. I noticed worm like insects crawling on her head, face and nose. As I got closer, I saw that they were maggots on her head and face.”

Bob Cunningham, from the Essex County Coroner’s Office, responded to the scene to examine Banks’ body. According to Cunningham, “We thought the maggots found on Banks’ body were from the initial stages of decomposition but after a closer look, we found that there were eggs embedded into the weave on Ms. Banks’ head. The weave appeared to be sewn into her scalp which gave the eggs access to Banks’ skin layers. A thorough autopsy is necessary but from what we have found at the scene, Banks’ cause of death was an infestation of maggots into her head.”

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Additional reports indicated that the eggs hatched from within her head and ate away at parts of her brain which caused Banks to go unconscious. The maggots then slowly crawled from any hole available on Banks’ face. The maggots had crawls from her eyes, nose, ears, and had begin to come from her mouth.

The children were placed with their grandmother until the case is completed.

  • Nariyah Simms

    I don’t doubt that voodoo was involved….smh
    My condolences to her children and family. ?

    • annoymous

      Ommggg I was thinking the same exact thing!!!

    • helen bolden

      Do you know voodoo? I’m sure that there’s no such thing as voodoo. It was more than likely something like someone probably laid the hair in some food and flies laid their eggs on it or something like that. I really feel for that woman and her children.

      • Crystal Ellis-Fenty Dey-El

        Did you know “Voodoo” is recognized as a religion through the Vatican, just like Christianity and Islam? Sad what happened to her and her children, though.

      • Marie1967

        Yeah! when people do evil things they call that voodoo. the devils works.

  • disqus_wJhYhy5jZK

    Never knew maggots could eat through solid bone which encases the brain. My deepest condolences to her family especially her children.

  • CPRMan

    Her piece had to have come from corpse, read it somewhere before. That’s about the most likely way those maggots could have been there.

    • respect respect respect

      this make a lot more since than voodoo.

  • Toni Warner-Josko

    So, even if the maggots ate through her scalp, I didn’t know it was possible to eat through bone. I take everything I read on the internet with a grain of salt. And the talk of voodoo???? People please!

  • Chuck Robey

    Not even a well written piece of Satire…

    • dancemomtoo131

      I know and even sadder no one picked that up…..

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  • William Groce

    Maggots only eat dead flesh so would not have are her scalp so whole article is bull dookey

    • Cheri

      They can crawl into ears, eyes, nose and mouth. Easy, Peasy from there.

      • Brittany E. Butts

        That’s not what the article said. It said that they crawled out of her eyes ears and nose. Weave doesn’t get sewn into the scalp. That’s crazy talk. You braid the hair and it gets sewn into the hair.

    • BeBe

      Does not say the kind of maggot it was, some maggots do eat living tissue.

  • Malaka Powell


  • Michelle Mexico

    The story is a fake, obviously.

  • ekteeup


  • Jeffrey

    People will re-post this with the victim being the intended victim – the hair salon.

  • Caridad Hilaire

    If you can’t afford to have, and maintain your weave with a professional shave your head. You can buy a cheap wig, or wigs and they are easier to maintain. You can wash, and set them often yourself. Society puts so much pressure on Black women, and it makes them feel inferior. They are forced to have straight hair, so they can fit in and are doing terrible things to get weaves. The hairdresser should go to jail, because she is probably buying and using illegally hair from dead people on her clients.

    • Reach Ms. Angie

      No, be happy with the hair you have. DAMN society. Be a leader, not a follower.

      • Caridad Hilaire

        I am happy to be nappy, and have dreads. I was referring to the ones who don’t want to wear natural hair, and can’t afford expensive weaves. They should get a short hair cut, and wear wigs. I have no issues with wigs, and other races wear them all the time. You can have different looks, and can maintain them at home.

        • BeBe

          I agree: wigs won’t do what weaves will. It’s not nappy it’s curly 🙂 I disagree: It’s not society, it’s black women that put the pressure on themselves. “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

  • nvrat

    Something wrong here. Can`t see how maggots could kill someone in three days with out them knowing something is wrong and calling for help they normally eat dead flesh from open wounds or have access through open areas of body which takes along time for them to generate eggs.

  • Eishasoahead Ofyallhaters


  • not the first time i heard of maggot infested weave hair

  • KhaleesiBlaq

    Once again thos website LIES to get views. The lady was dead for a while and what happens to dead people? They rot. It wasn’t because of the hair weave itself. Dummies!

  • Ras Dashon

    Her body decomposition was fast af

  • BeBe

    Parts of this story are plausible. Maggots are used to eat away dead (necrotic or gangrenous) tissue from wounds, known as “maggot therapy.” If the weave had caused an infection it is possible for the maggots to have been present, but the cause of death would not have been maggots. The cause of death would have been the infection. The infection could have been caused by the glue, a reaction to chemicals used on the corpse (another story I read indicated the hair was from a corpse) or strain on the scalp from years of wearing weave. The maggots eating through her skull, not plausible. Maggot eat tissue, not bone. Some maggots will feed only on dead tissue, some only on live tissue, and some on live or dead tissue.The infestation by maggots of live animals is called myiasis, but usually only occurs in tropical and subtropical areas. Unfortunately, most hair being purchased comes from these areas.

  • Doretha DeKetche’ Hughes



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  • Buck Moore

    whatever you chose to believe anything is possible just be careful when paying all that money for the human hair that is not yours