New Jersey Man Murders Family and Commits Suicide After Losing Powerball

New Jersey Man Murders Family and Commits Suicide After Losing Powerball



LIVINGSTON, NEW JERSEY – While everyone is awaiting to find out the identities of the recent $1.5 Billion Powerball drawing, a sad story emerges from a suburban town in New Jersey. A family in New Jersey was found dead from an apparent murder-suicide.

Ralph Weinstein, an investment banker on Wall Street, was found dead along with his wife and three children in their home. According to reports, authorities received a call from the school reporting the children had not attended school, which is unusual for the Weinstein family. Authorities attempted to make contact with the Weinstein family via phone before going to the home. Once authorities were unable to make contact, police arrived at the Weinstein residence at approximately 8:55 a.m. in response to a call from the school where the Weinstein children attended. Authorities entered the home to find the Weinstein family dead in their living room.

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Jessica Stern, a neighbor of the Weinstein family, spoke to police regarding the recent discovery. “Ralph and Sarah were outstanding people in the community. They donated tons of money to organizations in our town and their kids were very active too. I’m shocked to find out this has happened to them.”

Upon the discovery of the authorities, a suicide note and video was found in the home. According to the note, Ralph Weinstein was upset that he had spent his life savings on playing the Powerball only to lose everything. Reportedly, Mr. Weinstein spent over $400,000 on Powerball tickets, between New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. A co-worker of Mr. Weinstein spoke with authorities to give his account of what he learned prior to the authorities gruesome discovery.

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“Ralph was a stand up guy and the best at what he did on Wall Street. Although he was a good person and hard worker, he became obsessed with trying to hit the Powerball once it reached the billion mark. He would come to work everyday and send the office secretary to play thousands of dollars in tickets. I tried to confront him about it but he would shut me down and tell me that it was his ultimate retirement plan. I guess that once he realized he destroyed his family’s future by making a bad investment in the lottery, he couldn’t live with his decision and didn’t want his family to live through it either.”

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Upon the review of the city coroners office, the three children, ages 9, 14, and 17, were murdered first, followed by the murder of his wife, Sarah and ending with the suicide death of himself. Authorities found the family covered in thousands of bloodstained Powerball tickets in the living room of the home. One of the officers who discovered the suicide video played it which instantly assisted in determining the ultimate cause of the death for the family.

Authorities have not found any foul play at this time and is currently ruling the incident as a murder-suicide.

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