Man Makes $1 Million Dollars Selling Pokemon Go Account

Man Makes $1 Million Dollars Selling Pokemon Go Account



NEW YORK – Adrian Conner, 24, has become the first person to profit from playing Pokémon GO, making a shocking $1 Million Dollars, from selling his Pokémon Go Account.

Pokémon Go has generated its first Millionaire: CatchEmCon, a Pokemon Go user who revealed yesterday that he had caught all of the Pokemon in North America.

In order to finish his Pokédex, CatchEmCon caught 5,298 Pokémon. He also hatched 412 eggs and walked 233 kilometers over the course of his journey. His final catch was Kabuto, which he evolved into Kabutops.

The New York City-based trainer, who’s level 33, claims he spent more than 60 hours a a week to complete his Pokédex. A popular hotspot directly across from Central Park helped him achieve his goal without traveling too far from home, although he made a trip to Jersey City and Hoboken a few times.

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Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, Ditto, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo and Mew are the only Pokémon missing from his Pokédex. The six Pokémon that he has bene unable to catch are considered to be the rarest Pokémon in the game with the first three being regional specific.

Despite missing what are considered to be rare Pokémon, that did not stop Ji Nakashimoto, son of a Japanese billion, from making a offer for the player’s account. After Conner posted his achievement on several gamer sites including IGN and Se7enSins, he was contacted by Nakashimoto regarding a potential purchasing of his account.

“At first I was kind of sketched out that someone from another country was interested in purchasing my Pokémon GO account, said Conner. I didn’t think it was real but after a few conversations and Skype meetings, the guy seemed to be legit.”

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Pokémon GO became available in Japan for Android and iOS on July 21. Given the fact that Nakashimoto is a huge fan of Pokémon, he immediately wanted to accumulate as many Pokémon as he could with the least amount of time and effort. When Nakashimoto became aware of Conner’s achievements, he immediately reached out to confirm and make an offer for the player’s account.

“I met with Ji at Aburiya Kinnosuke restaurant in the city after we got comfortable with each other. He showed up with two men, probably bodyguards, with one of them carrying a black duffle-bag. I thought I was about to get sliced and diced but then Ji took the bag and opened it. OMG, I almost fainted when I saw it was full of cash. Ji asked me for my Google user name and password to log into my account. As soon as he did, he gave me the money, shook hands and we left after we ate and completed the exchange. I never thought I would be in the position but I am grateful,” said Conner.

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Conner and Nakashimoto went to a bank in New York to count the money and confirm it was real before the transaction was complete. Afterwards, Conner took an Uber car home and immediately posted a photo of his money on Facebook.

Conner spent about $700 on in game currency to keep his Lucky Eggs and Incense stocked which helped him on his hunt to complete his collection. It seems that Conner’s investment paid off for him.

  • Dick Johnson

    is this real?

    • GV12345

      If it is, the mainstream media, Obama crooks won’t let this be known. They’re al;l innocent remember.

    • John Okpara

      It isn’t.

  • Johnny Christensen

    I tried to find a date thinking I saw this before a while back !

    • Steve E

      Mexico 2011 if I remember it right.

  • Richard Serrels

    his nutz off and let him bleed to death, assholes like this need to die in the public so they can see what is going to happen to them if they do the same thing!!!

    • Courtney

      It is clear that you are a white man!!!

      • sumpplrstupid

        It is obvious you are not….

        • teabadger

          She’s actually intelligent,so yeah I agree it’s obvious she isn’t.

      • Jack Lemon

        It’s clear you’re stupid.

        • Courtney

          …stupid like your MOTHER !!!!

          • teabadger

            It’s obvious his mamma was stupid because she gave birth to the idiot. Any intelligent person would’ve known to abort a piece of shit…. Right?

          • Courtney

            Exactly so. I very much agree with you!!! A piece of shit that should have been flushed down the toilet long ago!!

    • Glennfollower07

      It’s a fake story, you won’t find it on any legitimate news site..

      • Debora Taylor

        I thought it was kinda dumb, not much information …I agree with Glenn.

        • Debora Taylor

          I freezers are “air tight” so how come the girl that was alive so calm.. ..why would he take the police down stairs to the crime…it is fake

      • Marilynn Brown

        The story didn’t make sense to me, especially the part about the woman being alive. It was an unbelievable story.

        • Becca

          That and there was no power in the place but the freezers were working in the basement? How does that happen?

          • Rob McMaster

            Gas generator…but yeah ‘fiction’

          • teabadger

            If he had a gas generator running inside the house(kitchen) the police would’ve found his corpse also. Being that gas engines produce large amounts of carbon monoxide! So a gas generator in a poorly ventilated interior kitchen and he’s still alive in the home? Yeah right…

      • jbrazell

        I didn’t believe it because of all the misspelled words. LOL!

    • teabadger

      Like white men used to do to blacks during the slavery and Jim Crow era’s?

  • Lt. Greyman, NVA

    I love it how the police are already giving him an excuse “The PCP made me do it.”

    How about the theory that he is a sick, evil negro who hates Whites so much he was killing White females (and therefore killing as well all the children they might of had in the future) but was too stupid to figure out a good way to get rid of the evidence?

    They are not like us.

    • Anthony Seals

      I would have burn the body’s. Lol pay back is gone be a bicth

      • JB

        Pay back for what?

        • Anthony Seals

          If you have to ask you still in denial

          • Guitarzan

            Yes because killing white woman is the same as killing armed thug p.o.s. struggling with cops who fortunately get their idiot heads blown off…

          • THANKFUL

            lololo, typical. Ignore this ignoramus, Anthony. He can’t even spell correctly. A fine example of the ignorant, uneducated, mind set, ill and un-informed, who believes everything that race baiting, lieing, traitorous, POS Muslim that is in office.

          • JB

            Denial of what?

          • Dalton Timothy Dalton

            bring your pay back this way racist negro and i promise you will never speak this racist shit again negro

    • instaTheOnly_PotHead

      Wym “they are not like us” who’s “they” who’s “us”

      • jbrazell

        You already know what he means. Just sayin’.

      • Victoria E. Pines

        I asked the same question because I’ve watched many heinous crimes committed by white men on Forensic Files who were too stupid to cover up the murders.

    • Billy Johnson

      Grotesque and inhuman! However, he is definitely not like seemingly all past white murderers like Jeffery Dahmer, Wayne Gacy, or the Sandy Hook killer, or even the Colorado movie theater killer, etc., etc. One thing is certain though… this individual was driven insane in part by the atrocities committed for years against non-whites by racist elements within the USA. Usually the white murderers’ hate and evil flow from themselves… their hearts and minds of years of feelings of privilege and supremacy. Not retaliatory or vindictive behavior… just inherently evil.

      • the krane

        “One thing is certain though… this individual was driven insane in part by the atrocities committed for years against non-whites by racist elements within the USA.”
        And exactly how are “we” certain of this?

    • Victoria E. Pines

      Negro went out in the 50’s. Be careful, your daughter might bring one home one day…you know white women love black is they? I watch many heinous crimes on Forensic Files committed by WHITE men who were too STUPID to cover up their crimes. So please explain yourself when you say they’re not like us?

      • Dalton Timothy Dalton

        white women all dont love black men lmao just like all black women dont like white men but alot of them sure do like me lol. i have banged more black chics than i can count.

      • Lt. Greyman, NVA

        I don’t allow negros to tell me what they want to be called. I call them what they are.
        I am Northwest Front. Look it up. We keep our obsolete farm equipment under control, and eventually out.

        Negros react differently to Pharmacological agents, have different physical anatomy, different biochemistry, even different blood types. They are a subspecies.

        • Victoria E. Pines

          You’re an ass. Not a subspecies of an ass; but a purebred redneck ass. Your BLACK President is not a negro nor a subspecies. You sound like the product of two cousins that slept together and conceived your narcissistic dumb ass. I hold a Master’s degree and work on the Leadership team at one of the largest Healthcare organizations in my state. I’m not a subspecies; I’m an educated BLACK woman; not a negro. Be careful a BLACK woman may have breast fed you and your pappy. You’re sad.

    • CC

      This is the dumbest story I ever heard and it never made the National news (CNN) and others. This story would have been everywhere. Don’t be gullible to the media stories, because they don’t have to print the complete truth. This is really putting a SPIN on the story.

      • Native Born American is a satire site like The Onion. If the power was out, why was there light in the kitchen or power for the freezers? So many inconsistencies that just scream, “poorly written trash.”

        There really is no spin because there really is nothing behind this “story” to begin with.

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    • teabadger

      The only people in this country that are sick,evil and vile have pale pinkish skin. Those are the only individuals throughout history that’s profited from rape,murder,thievery and genocide. What lands haven’t they practiced all those horrid atrocities? Where have they gone that death and destruction hasn’t followed? You racists are so quick to tell blacks to learn history,but what history? The bullshit that you all wrote? Because I know you’re not speaking of actual history. If actual history is what America went by our roles would be totally reversed. Whites have stolen African history along with others history and placed their faces on it for centuries here in America and across the globe. There has NEVER been a factual history book EVER printed by a pale pinkish person. We’ve all been force fed lies in order to make “whites” feel superior while blacks and others were made to appear inferior. A actual factual history book would totally destroy those ideals and white authors of those false history books and other literature written for public uses such as education understand that. Actual history would bring down the walls of the fabled notion of “white supremacy”.

    • CAW

      This isn’t real. Same story was posted in May.

  • American Infidel

    No, PCP didn’t make him do it. His ignorance, stupidity, and racism did. No other excuse. He should be hung….slowly!

    • Glennfollower07

      Calm down, this is a fake news site. They post fake stuff to get people riled and bait you to all of their ads, it’s a money maker.

  • Cheryl55

    OMG… 19 girls, and it was because he was on drugs? Really? Guess he was not too drugged up to remember to write Black Lives Matter on their foreheads? This is EVIL.. he is EVIL and it there EVER was a HATE crime this is it! And I can bet that people KNEW about this! These sick morons always have those that urge them on and then stand back and watch them work! Hopefully he will get the death penalty and it will NOT take ten years to do it!

  • Computer_Expert

    Where are the white women at?

    • nobaddog

      where be the white wimmins

  • mrrhodes71

    I can tell you this, it didnt happen in Chicago, I live here no one reported it, no news no word from anyone. This is just to make things worst.

  • thepostemail

    I also have not been able to verify this story; it appears to be fake news, as there does not appear to be a Channel 10 in Chicago.

  • RFD America

    Is this real?

  • apprin

    Don’t blame the PCP. This is obviously all George Bush’s doing.

    • jbrazell


  • Donna Garrett

    It’s a fake news report people. Do a google search first on things like this. This would have been all over the news not just the “click-bait” type internet blogs.

  • Connie Alsip

    Black lives matter because they are so peaceful and law abiding. The racist black organizations, conspiring with the muslims must be designated terrorist organizations and banned in our country. Sick and tired of the cops and the regime making them out to be heros. They are scum. Anyone who attacks a cop or another person due to the color of their skin needs to be put in FEMA camps for some “reeducation”, and left there until they die. Disgusted and disappointed in these idiots!

    • teabadger

      You sound so dumb. I can only imagine what you must look like,yuck!

      • jbrazell

        That’s not even an answer.

      • Connie Alsip

        Only a democrat makes this sort of ad hominem attacks. Nothing new here, folks. Just another troll!

  • Beverly Buckman

    to all you blacks…my family came here from Europe, never received a penny from the government, worked hard their whole lives, raised their children without welfare, we did not own slaves…..get over yourselves. You get all kinds of benefits and still you can’t make a living…that is your fault. If you want to live like you do, that is your fault. You have so many opportunities offered you that others never got…and being white has nothing to do with it. My grandparents had a cross burned in their front yard for being from Europe, but they did not let that stop them.

    Stop blaming every white person you see because of your decisions. I guarantee that if you don’t stop, our country will be taken under martial law and you will be in FEMA camps with the rest of us. Obama and Soros have it all planned and you are the sheep who they are using….yes, using. Stop letting them play you, check your facts and blacks are only being stopped more because of the crime in your neighborhoods. clean up your neighborhoods and the cops would not have to be there.

    Take that racist card and shove it.

    • heyyounumbnuts

      umm there are a shit load of us who will not be in fema camps as we will be out fighting for our country. MOLON LABE.

      • FourFooted Messiah

        I once read a book where the people who rebelled against being pets of aliens called themselves “dingoes”. Perhaps us anti-Muslims should take a canine-inspired name, since they hate dogs so much.

        “What’s the natural enemy of the monkey? The HYAENA”.

    • raquel rob

      What is wrong with you?

      • jbrazell

        Maybe she is tired of all the whining and chip on the shoulder BS.

        • teabadger

          No. Beverly is delusional and a misinformed bigot. Just like you.

          • jbrazell

            What about all the quotas in colleges, job hiring, busing to better schools in better neighborhoods, etc. For your information, white fathers aren’t supposed to live at home if the woman is getting welfare either. I don’t really know what more you want. We have a black president with black cabinet members, a black SCJ. We’ve had a black Secretary of State and a black Joint Chief of Staff under a white president. I could go on and on about the successful black people in this country, but you get my drift. I can’t make everybody successful, not even white people, of which there are many deadbeats in that race too. Tell me what you think the answer is if you have one.

    • teabadger

      It’s truly sad that you believe all that totsl nonsense i.e. BULLSHIT that you wrote. First off please detail and explain all these “free benefits” blacks receive solely. Second of all,welfare was created for WHITE PEOPLE and they continue to be the largest group to receive WELFARE. Blacks weren’t allowed to receive welfare until after 1964 and then,unlike whites,no fathers were allowed to ne in the home if blacks were to receive any benefits. Third, Jews received several reparations packages from the American government even though America had NOTHING to do with the holocaust! And the latest of those reparations packages came in 2015!!! Japanese,Chinese,Native Americans and former slave owners even received reparations!! So please go to hell with your poor white peoples speech. Systematic racism exists on every level of American businesses,government and private sectors that PREVENT blacks from gaining employment,good education,loans,homes,cars etc! Please stop with that fantastic story that white America doesn’t play a huge role in the state of black America because it’s a LIE!!

  • SuperDave2

    Fake Story….However, Blacks need to start blaming the Real Slavers, Moslems….They turned the slave trade into a gigantic enterprise that murdered approx. 120 million blacks in Africa & enslaved another 100 million +. There are up to 20 million blacks still enslaved in Moslem countries today. Get that through your thick skulls, Islam is the Evil behind slavery!

    • raquel rob

      Why the hate?

      • jbrazell

        Tired of being blamed for everything that’s wrong in the black community, that’s all.

        • teabadger

          Well do something to end the institutionalized racism that permeates every level of American society! If you’re not part of the solutions then you are the problem!

          • jbrazell

            What would you suggest? Kill all the white people? Would that satisfy you whiny a–?

      • SuperDave2

        If Truth is Hate, than I’m guilty.

    • Courtney

      ….but white people surely do made good use of the slave trade. We cannot let them off the hook either !!!!

      • FourFooted Messiah

        BUT white people gave it up ON THEIR OWN, with no betters to show them a better way. So screw you, too. Africans and Arabs STILL enslave blacks, and so do Asians. Want to blame someone for slavery? Start with the BANTU.

        • Courtney

          What you are talking is foolishness !!!!! White people did not give up slavery because of sentimental reasons. Instead, white people gave up slavery because they saw that it would not be profitable for them to continue, this was in addition to the number of slave revolts carried out by the slaves at that time. Also to note is that slavery in the United States was still in existence even long after slavery ended in the Caribbean. To make matters worse, after slavery ended in the USA, the whites continued to beat, kill, and did all sorts of evil to the millions of free blacks. I don’t want to hear anymore of your bull s…t.

        • teabadger

          Wow you’re dumb.

    • JB

      You can’t explain that to people that believe the US is 400 years old. It’s a fact that blacks and Arabs still run the slave trade til this day. The only thing that has changed is that whites stopped buying what they’re selling.
      The US inherited the slave trade from Britain and Spain and we abolished a 5000+ year old practice in under 100 years of breaking from Britain. It was always an issue to Americans from inception. We nearly ripped our new country apart over the issue. An issue that whites in the newly formed America took up on behalf of slaves.
      If American blacks had any sense of historical fact or intellectual honesty they would be taking their grievances up with Spain and Britain.

      • teabadger

        And you’re just as dumb for adding on to that idiots ridiculous statement! If anyone is in need of a history lesson it’s you! It’s been known for years now that American history distorts the truth and flat out lies on most written on civil rights,slavery,Jim Crow,the holocaust,the cold war,the revolutionary war,the “founding”of America,how white immigrants(pilgrims)treated native Americans and so on. American history books printed for schools and general public use are purely garbage and filled with half truths and lies.. Just like 98% of American literature. Hell,look who wrote it!

    • teabadger

      Just dumb and totally false. I guess you learned that from an American history book,right?

  • Robert DuBois
  • raquel rob

    This is a fake story people. Calm down!!

  • DeborahMcClainStrole

    I don’t believe this story. If this were true it would be on the news on every station.

    • FourFooted Messiah

      Can’t really be sure any more, because the mainstream news likes to censor stuff that makes “minorities” look bad, and BLM is the media heroes of the day right now.

      So, no, lack of coverage doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Just like it didn’t mean shit when Russia was Soviet.

  • ersgeobu

    Oh my you can’t mean it drugs made someo e do something bad WOW (sarcasm) black lives matter how about these white girls lives?

  • Beathedrum

    And what does the White House have to say about this hideous crime of black on white?
    No gun used here, just depravity. Black lives matter? but these white women’s lives don’t?

  • Zeyneb Mustafa





    Zeyneb Mustafa

  • Keninmo

    If the articles for “Man Locked Daughter in a Cage for Excessively Using Snapchat Dog Filter” and “Man Drowns Trying to Catch Squirtle on Pokemon Go App” didn’t clue you in that this is a fake “news” site, then you are really too stupid to be allowed internet access, much less to vote or be allowed to handle sharp dinnerware.

  • CC

    This is the dumbest story I ever heard and it never made the National news (CNN) and others. This story would have been everywhere. Don’t be gullible to the media stories, because they don’t have to print the complete truth.

  • JB

    I wish I had the supernatural psychic sensitive ability to tap into the feelings and suffering of people 200 years ago that most blacks seem to possess. I’d be rich.

  • Cyndi C.

    Is this real? Sounds like a satire site to me

  • Native Born American

    You all do know, don’t you, that nearly everything on is a hoax, right? This is a satire site, by their own admission. Read the very bottom of their “disclaimer” if you think otherwise. LOL

  • americanjohn

    A black Jeffery Domer ! CNN will not report as its a black !

  • lonebear

    This story is bull sh-t. If you read , you will see the bad grammar and realize no journalist wrote this. The situation is bad enough without some freak out there publishing bad stories that are not true and trying to stoke the violence. Ignore this crap

  • CAW
  • ME

    19 death sentences…NO other Judgement…….No tax payers payroll!!!!!!!!!!!

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