“Last Friday” Movie Starring Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Mike Epps, Katt Williams...

“Last Friday” Movie Starring Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Mike Epps, Katt Williams & Kevin Hart Hits Theaters This Summer



HOLLYWOOD – The highly anticipated and final installation of the original hit film “Friday” created by Ice Cube is set to hit theaters this summer according to executives at Warner Bros. Studios, the parent company of New Line Cinema.

According to a memo released by the studio, the film is complete and will be the last cut to the epic original release. Last Friday, according to Doug Steinberger, one of the executive producers, will be reintroducing “Smokey”, a character played by Chris Tucker, who is getting married after a long stint in rehab for his uncontrollable use of marijuana. Since his release from rehab, Smokey hit the lottery from a $5 scratch-off which he won $1 Million. With his winnings, Smokey immediately contacts Craig Jones, played by Ice Cube, who is still struggling to land a job, and both of them open up a medical marijuana shop, ironically enough.

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Money Mike, a character played by Katt Williams which was introduced in “Friday After Next”, is the owner of a strip club with Kevin Hart, who plays as El Chapo Negro, rekindles his relationship with Craig through Day-Day, played by Mike Epps. Day-Day is hired as the manager of the strip club but also maintains some type of employment at the newly opened marijuana shop.

The woman who Smokey has planned to marry is an exotic dancer name Spicey, played by Lala Anthony, who dances at the strip club owned by Money Mike and El Chapo Negro. Oddly enough, Spicey is Smokey’s backbone in his efforts to stay clean and avoid any use of marijuana. While having her own plans to spend the winnings from the lottery, Spicey is against the opening of the medical marijuana shop as she fears Smokey will relapse.

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Tiny Lister, who plays as Debo, and Terry Crews, who plays as Damon are bouncers at the strip club. Despite Debo’s failed attempts of revenge for the infamous fight between him and Craig in the original Friday film, it seems that Craig and Debo have settled their differences for the time being.

According to reports, the film will be directed by F. Gary Gray, who directed the original Friday film, Marcus Raboy, the director of Friday After Next and Hype Williams. In the press release, New Line Cinema via Warner Bros. revealed that they had been planning to release the film Last Friday for quite sometime but they wanted to make sure the film would live up to the fan’s expectations. This is what Ice Cube had to say regarding the film:

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“When you have a film as successful and entertaining as the Friday trilogy, there’s this unspoken rule in Hollywood that you’ve got to create the last installation to end it with a bang. This project has been on the drawing board for almost 13 years and I was just about to give up on it until 2012 when I saw how much fans of the series wanted to have at least one more movie. After playing in Ride Along with Kevin Hart, I released it was time to release Last Friday to the fans. As annoying as Kevin Hart is, it only made sense that included him in the last installment.”

Further news regarding this movie can be expected closer to the release date, but in the meantime, you can discuss the upcoming blockbuster on social media under the hashtag #LastFriday

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