7 Eleven Cashier Stabbed To Death Over Arizona Iced Tea Price Increase

7 Eleven Cashier Stabbed To Death Over Arizona Iced Tea Price Increase



ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA – Dashawn Hunt, 19, of Alexandria, Virginia has been arrested in connection with the stabbing death of a 7 Eleven employee over a price increase of the famous Arizona Iced Tea Beverage.

Reportedly, Dashawn Hunt, entered the 7 Eleven around 3 p.m. to purchase an Arizona Iced Tea. The 19 year old frequently drinks Arizona Iced Teas, and is a regular customer of the 7 Eleven. According to reports, Hunt went to purchase an Arnold Palmer Half and Half Arizona Iced Tea when he realized the price was not listed at 99 cents. Hunt approached the counter where the 7 Eleven employee was and aggressively questioned the cashier about the price increase from $0.99 cents to $1.39. The cashier, Pryana Patel, knew very little english was unable to adequately respond to Hunt. Hunt got frustrated with the clerk and pulled out a pocket knife.

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“We were called to respond to a code 136 at the 7 Eleven. When we got to the scene, we found Hunt stabbing the 7 Eleven clerk multiple times. We drew our firearms and told Hunt to put the knife down. Hunt charged at us, which prompted us to open fire on Hunt. Hunt was struck 3 times in the stomach and right arm. We were able to subdue Hunt until EMT responded. Upon review of the surveillance footage, we discovered the stabbing began over pricing of an Iced Tea beverage. It appeared there was a language barrier between the clerk and Hunt. Hunt then jumped behind the counter and stabbed the cashier multiple times,” said Patrolman Duggin.

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Patrons of the store quickly took cover when the heated argument between Hunt and the clerk happened. According to Kiesha Myers, “I was behind the guy who stabbed the Indian lady. Before the situation got bad, he looked like he was upset the Arizona Iced Tea wasn’t $0.99 cents. I drink those too so I know they are usually that price. I would be upset too about the price change but I wouldn’t try to kill someone over it.”

When EMT responded to the scene, Patel was pronounced dead. Hunt survived his injuries but is in critical condition. Hunt was taken to the hospital for treatment where he is under police watch. The store owner was unavailable for comments.

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