4-Year-Old Girl Survives 3 Weeks Eating Roaches and Drinking Toilet Water After...

4-Year-Old Girl Survives 3 Weeks Eating Roaches and Drinking Toilet Water After Mother Dies In The Shower



ATLANTA, GA – Authorities found a 4-year-old girl laying in her own feces for three weeks after neighbors complained of a foul smell coming from the apartment. According to reports, the child survived by eating roaches and drinking toilet water.

Monica Jackson, the 4-year-old daughter of Shirley Jackson, was found covered in feces and urine by authorities this afternoon by police. Atlanta Police received a report from a neighbor that a foul order was coming from the second floor apartment where Jackson and her daughter resided. Dara Smith, the neighbor who made the call, indicated to authorities that she attempted several times to make contact with Ms. Jackson after she had not seen her for about a week or so.

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“Shirley is pretty friendly around her. Sometimes we would go to Publix together to go food shopping. We would watch each others kids too. I thought something was wrong when I didn’t see her for about a week,” said Smith.

Authorities arrived at the apartment complex at approximately 2:15 p.m. where they found the gruesome discovery. Police entered the apartment of Ms. Jackson with the assistance of James Martinez, the complex superintendent. When police entered the apartment, they were met with the smell of a death followed with cries coming from the bathroom of the apartment. Police opened the door of the bathroom where they found Ms. Jackson’s decomposed body in the shower and her 4-year-old daughter next to the tub crying.

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The city coroner arrived at the scene to pronounce the death of Ms. Jackson. Authorities questioned the little girl to find out what happened.

“My mommy made some Ramen noodles and hotdogs and they she went to take a shower. My mommy was in there for a long time so I went to see if she was okay. When I went in there, she was taking a nap in the shower and I stayed in there with her. I got hungry so I ate the food she cooked but then I was hungry again so I ate some roaches. I was thirsty too so I drunk some toilet water,” said Monica Jackson to authorities.

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“These kids nowadays complain about eating off brand cereal like Fruity-O’s and this little girl survived eating roaches for three weeks,” said Martinez to reporters.

“It’s a miracle Monica is alive. She ate the roaches and the roaches ate the food my sister cooked and my sister can’t cook for sh*t. That poor child was doomed from the start,” said Shonda Jackson, sister of Shirley and aunt of Monica.

Monica Jackson was taken into custody by child services until they find a permanent home for her. According to reports, Shonda said she is not taking care of her sister’s kid because it’s not her responsibility.

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